the mental wellness impact fund

Nurture Capital to Nurture Minds

Investing in the mental wellness of both users and startups leads to outsized financial and social returns. We show that weaving people, purpose, and profit together has tremendous upside for all stakeholders.

About the Firm

Catalyzing mental wellness creates lasting change.

Masawa drives capital to breakthrough innovations accelerating mental wellness while nurturing capital by enhancing leadership capacity, founder/team wellbeing, and social impact.

Masawa is the first company to harness the power of financial and human capital to directly address the global mental health crisis while enabling humans to flourish inside - and because of - their organizations.  Our motley crew of Masawis has wide-ranging experience in impact investing, technology, social entrepreneurship, diplomacy, peacekeeping, and coaching that is crucial for driving the needed difference.
Our focus areas
  • Substance Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Child/Youth Mental Health
  • Natural Medicine
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Mental Health/Wellness

Meet Our Team

Joshua Haynes

Managing Partner

Sabine Flechet

Managing Partner
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